Chicago Style Pizza

I recently looked at my website’s stats and came to find out that Chicago is my most popular city in the US. I have more Chicago readers than any other place in this country. That’s crazy awesome because I love Chicago. As a little tribute to my #1 city, I’m finishing one blow-out year with … Read more

Garlic Bread Pizza

Garlic Bread Pizza – Make dinner from start to finish in just under 10 minutes with Garlic Bread Pizza!   Garlic Bread Pizza When two classic comfort foods like garlic bread and pizza combine, the result is one of the most crave-worthy dinners imaginable. This garlic bread pizza with pepperoni is the ultimate Friday night … Read more

Savory Potato and Mushroom Cake

Time required to read: 2 minutes Here you can find a delicious recipe that makes a delectable meal out of ordinary items. The hearty tastes of onions and potatoes are brought to life with the earthy undertones of mushrooms in this delicious potato and mushroom cake. Dinnertime perfection that will satisfy meat eaters and vegans … Read more